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Sr. No. Name of author Title of the research article Journal name Vol. issue page no. Year
1. Derle D V & et al Microspheres as drug carrier: A review International Journal of Advanced Research 2(3);901-913 2014
2. Derle D V & et al Controlled release microspheres of Ambroxol hydrochloride: effects of formulation parameters World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 3(4); 744-756 2014
3. Derle D V & et al Invitro and IN vivo Characterisation of Thermo responsive rectal delivery system of Mesalamine Latin American Journal of Pharmacy 34(4): 732-9 2015
4. Derle D V & et al Functionality testing of Excipients: A review Int Jour of Pharm Sci and Res 2016
5. Dumbare Mahesh, Kawale Laxman, Nade Vandana, Deshmukh Rohini Review on diabetes mellitus. International Journal of Pharmacotherapy Vol. 6, No. 1, pp 24-45 2016
6. S. P. Pingle &
Dr S. B. Wagh
Synthesis of silver salt of various sulfonamides and fatty acids and its formulation into the nanoparticulate drug delivery system Patent no 30/MUM/2013A
Publication Date:26/09/2014
Page number
7. S. P. Pingle &
Dr. A. P. Pingle
Synthesis of silver salts of various fatty acid and antimicrobial agents and there formulation in nano particulate drug delivery system Scholary research journal for interdisiplinary studies Vol 6
Issue 21
Page no.67-74
8. S. P. Pingle &et al Design, Synthesis and antifungal activity of some benzyl benzimidazole derivatives Pharmacophore Page 35-40,
Vol 7
Issue 1
9. Sandhan S. B. et al Isolation and Evaluation of Starch from Musa Paradisiaca L. as a Binder in Tablet International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research Vol. 8(8): 1000-08 2017